River’s Edge Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
January 17, 2015 (Via Conference Call)

The meeting was called to order at 1 pm EST by Pat Kelly, President.

Approval of Minutes:
A motion was made by Jan Bateman and seconded by Jeff Edwards to approve the minutes from October 11, 2014.  Motion passed.

President’s Report:
Pat Kelly welcomed everyone to the “New Year” and expressed how much she looked forward to working with each Board Member….and she was welcomed and congratulated again on becoming President.  It is winter in the park and all is status quo.

Treasurer’s Report:
Joyce Briggs first reviewed the most current Profit and Loss Statement, followed by a review of the Balance Sheet.  These “preliminary” reports for year ending 2014 indicate that the “park” will finish the year within Budget and will continue to be financially sound.  Additionally, Joyce gave a brief overview of the same for month to date income/expenses for January 2015, including a recap of association dues paid thus far.   She also stated that she will email us copies of the final 2014 P & L/Balance Sheet upon completion; therefore, a motion was made to approve the “Preliminary Treasurer’s Report” by Harley Hollingsworth and seconded by Pat Kelly.  Motion passed.

Old Business:
Mail Update – Pat Kelly reported that she had received an update from Ivin Philpott this morning and stated that the new addresses have been approved; however, the mail boxes won’t be installed until the Spring.

Website Update – The new website was developed and completed in the last quarter of 2014. Each owner now has the capability and responsibility of accessing and/or making changes to their own profiles.   Emails were sent out by Connor Smith at Boaz giving members their new user ID and instructions on changing password.

It was noted that currently member lists by name and by lot number can be printed; however, an overall “roster” list cannot (ie address, phone number, email etc.).  Jan has initially spoken with Boaz regarding the development of this list and will follow up to obtain a timeline/costs.

Additionally, it was noted that there are no lots listed for sale on the new website.  Details and assistance will be given at the first Member Meeting in 2015 to those members who wish to list their lot for sale here.

Also, Jan will set up a “detailed training session” with Connor at Boaz for those members who have “user control panel” capabilities when all return to the park in the Spring.

New Business:
The picnic tables will be “redone” in June during our annual work day.  Pat said this will be no cost to the park as there is some saved lumber and Harold has some lumber as well.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Harley Hollingsworth and seconded by Jeff Edwards. Motion passed and meeting was adjourned.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Jan Bateman, Secretary

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