River’s Edge Owners Association, INC

Board of Directors Meeting – May 16, 2015



Pat Kelly, President

Jeff Edwards, Vice President

Joyce Briggs, Treasurer

Jan Bateman, Secretary

Harley Hollingsworth, At Large


The Board of Directors Meeting was called to order at 10 am by Pat Kelly, President.



Approval of Minutes: A motion to approve the minutes from January 17, 2015 was made by Jeff Edwards and second by Harley Hollingsworth. Motion passed.


President’s Report: Pat thanked all the Board Members for all they did during the winter, recognizing that everyone was in different parts of the country.


Treasurer’s Report: Joyce reviewed the following documents.

  • Calculations for Replacement Fund CD for 2014
  • Transactions by Account as of April 21, 2015
  • Replacement Fund Ledger for 2014
  • Replacement Fund Explanation Document
  • Copy of 2014 Federal and State Tax Returns
  • Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2014
  • P & L Actual vs Budget January – December 2014
  • Increase Income Sheet Detail
  • Balance Sheet and P&L as of May 18, 2015


Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report was made by Harley and seconded by Jeff. Motion passed.



Additionally, Joyce stated that all member dues for 2015 have been paid and the

Corporate Annual Registration fee of $30 for 2015 has been paid as well.


New signature bank cards will be completed and signed next week by the appropriate Board Members. Also, increasing the percentage of expense as it relates to the cost of electricity for the washers/dryers was discussed. Motion to increase to 30% was made by Harley and seconded by Jeff. Motion passed.


Old/Unfinished Business


  • Postal/Mail Update: Ivin Philpott updated the Board on his most recent conversation with the local postal coordinator. It doesn’t appear that the park will be getting a new mail box distribution system. For now the park will use current mail boxes; however, they will need to be rearranged by address sections, ie Vista Circle together, etc.
  • Picnic Tables: During our upcoming work day, Glenn will begin work on removing the current bench seats and replacing them with new ones (6 benches per table) that will improve accessibility for our members. These will be padded and covered. There is enough lumber to do this and the small amount of additional materials needed will be paid out of the Buildings/Grounds budget.
  • Dumpster Repair: A big thank you was given to Harley for repairing the damage done to the dumpster. Joyce stated that a credit was received for this damage.
  • Website Review: A brief overview of the new website was given by Jan. There are a few remaining updates/changes that are in the process of being completed, the main focus being on the “printable member list” as this list currently requires legal size paper to print. It is recognized that this will not work for our members as most printers only print letter size. There will be copies of a shortened version contact list for distribution at the Member Meeting. Additionally, there will be printed copies of the website instructions that were emailed when the site went live in November 2014. Jan will also have a list of a the new member User ID’s and Temporary Passwords.   There will also be a laptop set up at the Member Meeting so those members who have not seen the new website will have an opportunity to view.


New Business:


  • Landscaping/Leach Bed: There are washed-out areas that have created a problem for the mowers and these need to be filled with dirt. The park can get a truck load of dirt from James Powell for $125. Motion was made to approve by Harley and seconded by Jeff. Motion passed.
  • EPA Recap: In 2006, the well and sewer systems were mapped. On April 16th of this year they were remapped and a copy will be sent to Byer’s Well Drilling.
  • Work Day: Our annual work day will be held this year on Saturday, June 20th from 8 am to 12 pm. A snack will be served at noon, followed by the park’s Fathers Day celebration at 1 pm.
  • Jan is researching cost for the availability of internet service for the pavilion only.   Feedback from members as well as real estate agents has indicated a need and this would be an added feature/benefit for our members.
  • Dumpster Lighting: a 60 LED Security Light costing $39 plus tax will be installed by Glenn at the dumpster to improve safety. Also, the five year contract has expired with our dumpster company and the monthly charge has gone from approximately $165 a month to almost $300 a month. Jeff volunteered to seek a bid from another company servicing the area, Waste Management.
  • Aerator: The motor for the pond aerator has burned out and we are waiting for the actual cost amount to replace. With that being said, it was decided that because the cost will be substantial, a member vote would be required. More information will be given at the Member Meeting on May 23, 2015.


Adjournment: A motion to adjourn the Board of Directors Meeting was made by Harley and seconded by Jan. Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned.



Respectfully Submitted by Jan Bateman, Secretary



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