River’s Edge Owners Association

Minutes Board of Directors Meeting

May 28th, 2016


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by Pat Kelly, River’s Edge Owners Association President.  Members present:  Pat Kelly, Kelly Rogers, Joyce Briggs, Jeff Edwards and Harley Hollingsworth.

Approval of Minutes:

A motion was made by Harley Hollingsworth and seconded by Jeff Edwards to approve the minutes for the January 2016 Board of Director’s meeting.  Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Joyce Briggs reviewed the most current Profit and Loss Statement, followed by a review of the balance sheet.  Following a thorough review of all of the park financial documents and the 2015 Federal and State tax return, it is evident that Rivers Edge Park continues to operate under sound financial management.  After some discussion and questions, Harley Hollingsworth made a motion that the financial report be approved.  Jeff Edwards offered a second, and the financial report was approved.  The board thanked Joyce for all of her hard work to ensure the park is running financially healthy and that the books are in order.

Old Business:

Pat Kelly reported that it has been determined that the Cyprus trees appear to still be in good shape, so the decision was made to leave the trees as is and monitor them throughout this season.  No action will be taken to remove the trees.

Kelly Rogers addressed that there were some issues with the website.  Members are having problems logging in, and the company who is hosting and providing services for the park have not been very reliable regarding communication.  Contact will be made as soon as possible to ensure that all of the concerns are addressed and that members have full access to the information on the website.  A sheet will also be provided at the Members meeting so that those who have concerns can let me know and then we can make sure all problems are resolved.

New Business:

Pat Kelly updated the Board of Directors on the condition of the water situation on the dead end street, Timber Court.  There is a huge concern regarding water run-off and the fact that the street is beginning to deteriorate due to the softness of the ground and the standing water.  Several people were contacted to come and look at the situation and several estimates were given related to possible fixes of the problem.  One estimate of $3,170.00 was given that would include cleaning out the ditch and digging further up the hill then adding gravel in the trench.  Weed control would be essential to keeping the draining area free from debris and would require the ditch to be dub 6”-8” deep so that water would drain.  Pat also received an estimate of approximately $2,800.00 for the repair that would not include gravel but would also require weekly weed control.  The lawn care service has agreed to provide the weed control as part of their service and would not charge extra for treating the weeds.  The board determined that more information was needed and that the issue would be discussed at the members meeting.

Kaye Scott had previously agreed to work on a Rules for Renters document, and the new set of rules was presented to the Board of Directors.  The board agreed that the rules looked great and the board approved the document.  These rules will be shared with all owners and it will be the owners responsibility to notify all renters of the expectations of the park.  These Renters Rules will be distributed to all park owners in a separate email/mailing to ensure that Rivers Edge continues to be kept in excellent condition and that renters are aware of the covenants.  Thank you, Kaye for the work on this document.

Harley mentioned that the algae treatment had been done to the pond and that it would need 48 hours before the fountains could be turned on again.  Several members mentioned that the pond was looking better than it had in some time.

Pat Kelly informed the board that it is time to being recruiting for two new owners to fill critical positions on the Board of Directors.  The President and Treasurer position will be open at the end of this year, and elections will voting will occur at the October members meeting.  New committee chairs will also be filled at the members meeting.  Joyce Briggs agreed to serve as assistant book keeper in order to mentor the incoming treasurer and to file tax returns and handle the oversite of the replacement fund.  Joyce mentioned that this limited assistance would assure a smooth transition into this very critical position on the Board of Directors.

Pat Kelly mentioned that she is looking into adding a Memorial Board for the pavilion.  Owners will be able to add plaques commemorating past owners who have passed away.  More information will be shared at the members meeting.

No further business.  Harley Hollingsworth made a motion to adjourn.  Jeff Edwards seconded.  Motion passed.



Respectfully submitted:

Kelly Rogers-Secretary

Rivers Edge Owners Association

May 28th, 2016HAdjou

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