River’s Edge Owners Association

Minutes Members Meeting

May 28th, 2016


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by Pat Kelly, River’s Edge Owners Association President.  Pat Kelly led the members in The Lord’s Prayer and the veterans led the members in The Pledge of Allegiance.

There were enough owner’s present/proxy to ensure that business could be conducted and then owners introduced themselves and stated their lot number.


Approval of Minutes:

A motion was made by Steve Little and seconded by Dixon Vice to approve the minutes for the September 2015 members meeting.  Motion approved.

President’s Report

Pat Kelly presented the President’s Report.  After a review of several items, she specifically mentioned items of concern.  The burn pile is becoming a problem with owners putting items that should not be put in the pile.  Items such as flowers, large limbs, trash were found in the pile most recently.  Pat reminded the owners that only brush and small limbs should be added to the pile and that all other items be place in the dumpster or taken to the land fill.  Large items such as televisions and mattresses have been recently placed in the dumpster, and those items are not allowable.  Owners, please make sure to abide by these rules regarding the burn pile.  Also, the dumpster is being picked up twice a week and so please make sure you are placing appropriate items in the dumpster.  Pat also mentioned the condition of some of the lots and that attention is needed to washing trailers and pavement.  Additional discussion was had later in the meeting and will be addressed below.

Treasurer’s Report:

Joyce Briggs reviewed the most current Profit and Loss Statement, followed by a review of the balance sheet.  Following a thorough review of all of the park financial documents and mentioning to the members that the 2015 Federal and State tax returns were available for review, it is evident that Rivers Edge Park continues to operate under sound financial management.  After some discussion and questions, Steve Little made a motion that the financial report be approved.  Doug Gilbert offered a second, and the financial report was approved.  The owners applauded and thanked Joyce for all of her hard work to ensure the park is running financially healthy and that the books are in order.  Joyce then mentioned to the owners that her tenure as Treasurer would be ending in December.  She will agree to serve in a limited capacity to ensure a smooth transition, but she reminded everyone that the position of Treasurer is very critical and that someone with a specific skill set would be necessary.  Donna Scott asked Joyce to articulate on some of the aspects of the job.  Joyce informed everyone that although being a CPA is not a requirement, having a working knowledge of basic accounting principles, being familiar with filing tax returns, some knowledge of contracts and understanding Quick Books would be a valuable asset for the incoming treasurer.  Joyce also informed the members that the treasurer is responsible for sending out all yearly assessment notices and she also handles the EPA water reporting each month.  Additional responsibilities are also a part of the treasurer position, and this is the reason Joyce has agreed to serve next year in a limited capacity.

Barbara Theiss asked Joyce about the assessments and fines mentioned on the financial statement.  Joyce let everyone know that the assessment was directly addressing those who were late on their yearly owner’s bill.  The fines are levied when the late fees and the bill is not settled.  Joyce also mentioned that all owners are now current on their year dues.  Joyce also explained that the Board is very understanding regarding hardships and that owners should inform the Board if there are instance of hardship related to the ability to pay the dues.  Late penalties are added to bills not paid after February 15th.

Old Business:

Pat Kelly reported that it has been determined that the Cyprus trees appear to still be in good shape, so the decision was made to leave the trees as is and monitor them throughout this season.  No action will be taken to remove the trees.

Kaye Scott mentioned that there was a sheet at the sign in table for owners to record any concerns or issues they were having with the website.

New Business:

Pat Kelly updated the owners on the condition of the water situation on the dead end street, Timber Court.  There is a huge concern regarding water run-off and the fact that the street is beginning to deteriorate due to the softness of the ground and the standing water.  Several people were contacted to come and look at the situation and several estimates were given related to possible fixes of the problem.  One estimate of $3,170.00 was given that would include cleaning out the ditch and digging further up the hill then adding gravel in the trench.  Weed control would be essential to keeping the draining area free from debris and would require the ditch to be dub 6”-8” deep so that water would drain.  Pat also received an estimate of approximately $2,800.00 for the repair that would not include gravel but would also require weekly weed control.  The lawn care service has agreed to provide the weed control as part of their service and would not charge extra for treating the weeds.  Several members responded with questions regarding a permanent fix for the water problem and what would be involved with a permanent fix?  Owners were also concerned about the spraying of the weeds and the run-off that would occur into the pond from the chemicals used to treat the weeds.  Pat asked Larry to get some estimates in order to fix the issue permanently.  More information will be shared with the owners when this has been determined.

Kaye Scott had previously agreed to work on a Rules for Renters document, and the new set of rules was presented to the Board of Directors.  The board agreed that the rules looked great and the board approved the document.  These rules will be shared with all owners and it will be the owners responsibility to notify all renters of the expectations of the park.  These Renters Rules will be distributed to all park owners in a separate email/mailing to ensure that Rivers Edge continues to be kept in excellent condition and that renters are aware of the covenants. The Renters Rules will also ve posted in the pavilion.  Owners were also asked to let Kaye know if they would like any Rivers Edge clothing.  Hats, tee shirt, sweat jackets, etc are available with the park logo and Kaye will get information to those who are interested.  Thank you, Kaye for the work on these two items.

Pat Kelly informed the board that it is time to being recruiting for two new owners to fill critical positions on the Board of Directors.  The President and Treasurer position will be open at the end of this year, and elections will voting will occur at the October members meeting.  New committee chairs will also be filled at the members meeting.  Joyce Briggs agreed to serve as assistant book keeper in order to mentor the incoming treasurer and to file tax returns and handle the oversite of the replacement fund.  Joyce mentioned that this limited assistance would assure a smooth transition into this very critical position on the Board of Directors.

Pat Kelly mentioned that she is looking into adding a Memorial Board for the pavilion.  Owners will be able to add plaques commemorating past owners who have passed away.  The board will be approximately 3 x 5 and will be a shadow box.  Owners can purchase plaques to commemorate past owners who are no longer with us.

Committee chair people were approved for the year.  Donna Scott has agreed to serve as Activity Committee chair and Sybil, Pat, Beverly and Kaye have agreed to serve with her.  Sharon Gilbert will chair the beautification committee and Robin, Ginny and Brenda will serve as well.  Ivan, Steve and Jeff will serve as the Architectural Committee and Beverly Philpot will serve as Friendship Committee chair.  Dawn will once again serve as librarian.  Ivan, Larry, Harley, Jeff and David Chapman will serve as maintenance committee, with Ivan serving as chair.

The owners discussed the need to make sure trailers and pavement are kept clean, as per covenants.  Currently, Ivan said that there are 7 lots in violation of this covenant and that he will work with Kelly Rogers to send notices to these owners.

Doug Gilbert brought to everyone’s attention an issue concerning the shut off valves on the water and that these valves appear to be failing quite frequently.  He has just had to perform a repair, as have several other owners and the cost is costing $500.00-$600.00 for the repair.  This repair is owner’s responsibility, not park responsibility.  Everything up to the valve is park responsibility, from the shut off on up the lot owner is responsible.  Please see Doug if you have any questions.  He is happy to show you what he is talking about and how he fixed this issue.

Donna Scott informed the owners that the activities are going well and to not forget about the dinner this evening in the pavilion.  She mentioned that she will not be chairing the committee next year and will be looking for someone to take this over.

Sharon Gilbert is starting an exercise class two days a week that will begin this Tuesday.  The class is for men and women and will be DVD led, with Sharon facilitating.  Please attend if you are interested.  The class will be approximately 1 hour and will begin at 9:00 a.m.

Kaye Scott reminded everyone to please make sure contact information is current, along with email and phone number.

Conrad Theiss asked about the fountains in the pond.  Harley mentioned that the algae treatment had been done to the pond and that it would need 48 hours before the fountains could be turned on again.  Several members mentioned that the pond was looking better than it had in some time.



No further business.  Steve Little made a motion to adjourn.  Billy Page seconded.  Motion passed.



Respectfully submitted:

Kelly Rogers-Secretary

Rivers Edge Owners Association

May 28th, 2016HAdjou

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