River’s Edge Owners Association – Member Meeting May 23, 2015


Board Members Present:

  • Pat Kelly, President
  • Jeff Edwards, Vice President
  • Joyce Briggs, Treasurer
  • Jan Bateman, Secretary
  • Harley Hollingsworth, Treasurer

Old Business:

  • Treasurer’s Report: Copies of the financials were distributed to each member for the year ending 2014, as well as the same for year-to-date 2015 ( through May 18th). Additionally Joyce stated that all member dues have been collected and all current bills have been paid. A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by Kay Scott and seconded by Steve Metcalf. Motion passed.
  • President’s Report: Pat welcomed everyone back to the park and wished all a safe summer. Additionally, she offered her help to anyone needing assistance in the future.
  • Approval of the Minutes: A motion to approve the minutes from August 30, 2014 Member Meeting was made by Steve Little and seconded by Bill Smith. Motion passed.
  • Donna Smith, Activities Committee Chair, gave an update on the dinner and raffle of a portable grill later in the evening.
  • Pat called the meeting to order at 10 am in the River’s Edge Pavilion. After the members recited the Lord’s Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance was also recited in honor of all veterans.
  •  Ivin Philpott updated the members on his conversation with the local postal coordinator. Metal pedestals will not be installed. He thanked Pat Kelly and Robin Hollingsworth for painting the new addresses on the current mail boxes. These boxes will be rearranged by street name sections.
  • Jan gave an overview/background update on the new website which went live in early November 2014. There are detailed written instructions for signing into the website. Please contact Jan if you need a copy of these, need your new User ID/Temp Password or if you need any additional assistance.
  • Pat gave an update on redoing the picnic table benches which will provide easier access for our members and these will be covered and padded.
  • Our “park work day” date has been changed to June 27, 2015.

New Business:

  • Jan discussed the possibility of adding internet service to the pavilion for $59.99 + tax per month (service can be paused up to six months at half price). A vote was taken and passed. Jan will follow up on this.
  • Pat explained the repair needed for the “pond aerator” at a projected cost of $1700. After discussion from several members, a vote was taken and passed. Pat will make contact for installation.

Committee Updates:

  • Glenn Geiger, Maintenance, is working on new benches and will also install a new safety light at the dumpster.
  • Larry Oden and Russ Henderson, Burn Pile, asked that members not place anything too close to the fence and to also remove debris from trash bags.
  • Donna Smith, Activities, stated that all future activities are listed on the website. She also puts up posters and will send out reminder emails.
  • Steve Little, Architectural, reminded members to submit requests in writing.
  • Beverly Philpott, Friendship, reminded members to contact her in a timely manner so cards can be mailed accordingly.
  • Ken Shaw, Library, discussed checking out books and Kay Scott asked that DVD’s taken be returned.  Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Jan Bateman, Secretar
  • Adjournment: A motion to adjourn the May 2015 Members Meeting was made by Steve Little and seconded by Russ Henderson. Motion passed and meeting was adjourned.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Jan Bateman, Secretary

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