Rivers Edge Meeting Minutes for September 3rd, 2016


The meeting was called to order by Pat Kelly, President, at 10:04 a.m.  Board members present: Pat Kelly, Jeff Edwards, Joyce Briggs and Harley Hollingsworth.  There were 62 total voting members present or by proxy, quorum met.

The meeting opened with The Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord’s Prayer

A motion was made to approve the minutes from the May meeting.  A motion was made by Linus and seconded by Steve Little.  Motion approved.

President’s Report:  Pat Kelly opened the meeting by thanking everyone for all of the prayers prayed on Martin’s behalf.  She expressed that she would not be running again for president of the park.

Treasurer’s Report

Joyce Briggs presented the proposed 2017 Rivers Edge operating budget and provided a thorough review of the budget.  Joyce discussed the profit and loss budget vs. actual balance sheet along with the replacement fund with a breakdown on the entries.

There was an open discussion on hiring someone to help assist Joyce with the duties of the treasurer and assist with the bookkeeping responsibilities.  Joyce will be working with Nancy Reynolds, owner and President of NHR Inc.  There is an additional expense in the yearly budget of $2,400.00 to cover this expense.  Due to the fact that there is not anyone willing to help Joyce with these bookkeeping duties, it is necessary to hire help for these duties.  This will require an increase in the yearly dues for members.

Open discussion regarding the increase of dues as suggested by Joyce would be 5%.  Gary suggested that the dues be raised to $500.00 per year to cover the additional expenses and bookkeeping support for Joyce.  Gary made a motion to approve the increase, Loretta Durden seconded, motion passed.

Old Business

Pat Kelly shared with the members an update on the condition of the ditch and needed repairs on the upper road, Timber Court.  After having several different bids taken, and realizing that there is not a permanent fix for the condition of the ditch, it was recommended that the members spend $2,850.00 to dig the ditch to help with drainage.  There were several other bids taken and options considered ranging from $4,350.00 to $3,170.00.  Members voted to approve spending $2,850.00 to improve the condition of the ditch.  Charles Johnson made a motion to approve and was seconded by Steve Little.  This repair will simply dig out the ditch, but no gravel will be added.

New Business

The pump in the pond that runs the fountains need to be moved 200 feet further in the pond.  Board voted at their meeting to allow Freeman Electric to do this work for an estimated bid of $400.0-$500.00 and will be completed this next week.



Committee Report

Donna Martin reported on activities past and those remaining for the rest of the season.  The maintenance committee had no news to report.  David Hitch did volunteer to chair this committee for the remainder of the season.  The architectural committee, Steve Little, discussed permits and advised that any members who had concerns or complaints are to bring those to the Board of Directors.

Sharon Gilbert reported for the beautification committee and the library committee reported that older books would be pulled from the collection.

Board of Director Elections

JoAnn Faircloth made a motion that Kaye Scott serve as President for the upcoming two year term.  Kaye Scott accepted.

Treasurer-no nominations for this position. Joyce Briggs will continue to serve along with the assistance of the bookkeeping support.


No further discussion or business.  Steve Little made a motion to adjourn, Wayne Hart second.  Meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m..


The next Board of Director’s meeting will be October 15th, 2016 in the pavilion.


Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Rogers-Secretary

Rivers Edge


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